Teaching about the Eucharist

While preparing our new website for Holy Cross, Davidson's Mains, it became clear that it had three main functions. One was to provide easily accessible up-to-date information about us and what we are doing, for example if you were visting Edinburgh and wanted to come to Mass in an Anglican Church you should find all … Continue reading Teaching about the Eucharist

Online Guidance: What is Prayer?

I am working with the designers at AltTen Interactive to produce a new website for my church. It has been an interesting experience. Holy Cross had a decent site but it was looking dated and the lockdowns persuaded us that we needed something completely new. This in turn raised the question, what is a church … Continue reading Online Guidance: What is Prayer?

Real Presence? Theological Reflection on Online Eucharists

This paper was prepared for an online conference on Saturday 25 September 2021 organised by the Scottish Episcopal Institute. Four Scottish Episcopal priests in pastoral ministry discussed the theological implications of celebrating the Eucharist online during a pandemic. It was a good, collegial discussion, with many people joining us, and all four papers will be … Continue reading Real Presence? Theological Reflection on Online Eucharists

Lest Music Perish Utterly: Church Music and the Pandemic

Margaret Attwood invited Richard Holloway to present ‘Thought for the Day’ on Radio 4 this morning. Starting with the image of children dancing to school in Morningside, he presented a powerful plea for the arts in this current crisis: ‘this horrid year which is grinding to a close has put our creativity, our art and … Continue reading Lest Music Perish Utterly: Church Music and the Pandemic

A Hymn for Lockdown

The coronavirus crisis raises many questions for Christians and quite a few of these concern worship. With churches closed we are in a novel situation, neither persecuted nor able to worship together. How can a congregation pray together if they can't meet? What is the value of our church buildings? Can you consecrate bread and … Continue reading A Hymn for Lockdown