To blog, or not

I like reading blogs, my blog reader is consulted daily and I find that some of the best contemporary Christian thought is found on blogs such as those of my friends and fellow priests of the diocese of Edinburgh, Kate Reynolds and John McLuckie. The current controversy over the SEC College of Bishops’ guidelines on same-sex marriage has shown that blogs are a most versatile form of media and, when combined with facebook and twitter, can run rings round established power structures and the conventional media in a way similar to English billmen around a Scottish knight at Flodden. The same is true of the Arab Spring, the Yes campaign in the 2014 Scottish Referendum and the Democracy Movement in Hong Kong; the mainstream media was following the fluidity of a social media that was directing events. But in all these three cases the hope produced by online proficiency has proved illusory – so far.

So why blog? I’m not sure I really want to, there is already too much work to fit into the time available what with a busy, flourishing church and various writing commitments. I may not, but I am considering a New Year resolution to at least start. The title ‘Amalarius’ was chosen as the great Carolingian liturgist and theologian Amalarius of Metz was a character in my doctoral thesis, it is a nice name and he taught an allegorical way of understanding the sacred liturgy which I believe is relevant today in a church where worship is often banal, flat and reflecting a restless seeking after novelty rather than an initiation into the living waters of tradition where one may contemplate the mystery of the Triune God. So I was thinking about posting some reflections on liturgy (I once considered a commentary on the modern liturgy in the style of the great medieval commentaries), church history and Christian mission in today’s world. If that great Mystagogue Paul of Tarsus were around today I’m sure he would have had a blog so perhaps it is an essential tool for mission for the common modern priest. And, if the company is as good as Mother Kate, Fr John and that splendid doyen of the Scottish Episcopalian blogosphere and the UK pink list Kelvin Holdsworth, why not join the party?

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